Heathers - Collections

Too many to choose from? We have put together the following collections.

  • Calluna Collection

    5 Summer heather with different flower colors blooming from August thru Autumn.
    Hardy to Zone 4. (Zone 3 with Winter protection)
    Alicia, Amanda, Firefly, Milky Way, Yvette's Gold

    Amanda Yvette's Gold Firefly Milky Way Alicia
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  • Foliage Collection

    5 plants with wonderful coloured foliage.
    Calluna vulgaris Hardy to Zone 4.(Zone 3 with Winter protection)
    Copper Splendour, Golden Angie, Hoyerhagen, Silver Knight, Theresa

    Golden Angie Theresa Silver Knight Copper Splendour Hoyerhagen
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  • Winter-Spring Flowering Collection

    5 Erica carnea plants blooming from December to May
    Hardy to Zone 4. Pink Spangles, Nathalie, Rosalie, Springwood White, Wintersonne

    Carnea Rosalie Carnea Wintersonne Carnea Nathalie Carnea Pink Spangles Carnea Springwood White
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